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A Curated List on How to Rank in Google In-depth Articles

in-depth-articlesIn a past couple of months SERPs dramatically changed. Many new features are added in SERPs and now SERPs are not a page with 10 links. It became more than that. To survive in SERPs we have to utilize all section of it. ie when you look local result against your money keyword try to rank in local section or if you see images are outranking other section in SERPs try to rank in images. This same goes with in-depth article section. Instead of writing the same stuff on how to utilize in-depth section of SERP I prefer to curate list amazing techniques already written by leading experts.

About the Author:Bary Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is a well-known name in Search Marketing industry, you probably already read many articles wrote by him. He is a founder of Search Engine Roundtable & Editor at Search Engine Land.

About the Author:ana-hoffman

Ana Hoffman is a traffic generation guru. She provides actionable tips & tricks along with case studies to increase website traffic.

About the Author:Dr pete

Dr. Peter J. Meyers famous as Dr. Pete is Marketing Scientist at Moz. You probably read many amazing articles by him.

About the Author:Wissam

Wissam Dandan online casino is the Founder of LebSEO Design & has strong understating of Search Engine optimization. He also has specialization in Arabic Search.

About the Author:Alesya

Alesia Krush is working as a Digital marketer at She also wrote various articles for leading marketing blogs ie KISSMetrics, Business 2 Community & Search Engine Journal.

About the Author:Rebecca

Rebecca Churt is a SEO manager at Hubspot and has more than 6 years of experience in SEO field. She is famous for creative marketing stratagems to increase brand awareness.

About the Author:Aleh

Aleh Barysevich is co-founder & a marketing director at

About the Author:Demian

Demian Farnworth works as a chief copywriter in Copyblogger. He specialized in writing amazing & interesting content.

About the Author:Pamella

Pamella Neely is internet marketer and have more than 15 years of marketing experience. During her marketing journey she specialized in conversion rate optimization, email marketing & content marketing.

About the author:Kieran

Kieran Sait is a content marketer at Koozai. He also worked for BBC Earth as a marketing assistant.

About the author: Gini

Gini Dietrich is the founder of Arment Dietrich & lead blogger at SpinSucks. She also wrote a book called Marketing in the Round.

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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.