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Google Cares About Who You Link To

88998359SEOs are mostly concerned about inbound links (link building) and normally forget the impact of outgoing links. You will agree that linking to other authority and relevant articles will increase the article credibility plus it have some correlation in Search engine ranking. It gives good user experience and help Google to determine website reliability. You have direct control on linking out so it’s easy to manipulate that’s why Google won’t give too much positive impact but if we don’t deal it with proper care it can create trouble for us. Let’s deal with the real life situations.

Just imagine an extreme case your website help teenagers in their studies and you are linking out to porn website. Is this acceptable by user or either by Google? You answer should be “Big NO”. I am not arguing that you intensely link out to bad neighborhood but Black (crap) hat SEOs will always go beyond the thinking.

Now move to soft case you are linking out a great resource for your readers but unfortunately its starts showing 404 status code. Think as a reader you click on a link to find more valuable information but it lead to 404 dam. You will probably get annoyed!

You will never link to something bad or broken page intensely but it’s possible in same cases. I will discuss these cases one by one and help you to overcome this difficulty.  You have to make a Data Base of outgoing links and update every time you link back to someone. Analyze the Data Base and prioritize them.

How to deal Broken Links:

There are many reasons that lead to 404 links. It’s a part of internet you cannot enforce others to keep your link alive but you can assure your outgoing links are not lead to 404. There are number of ways to do it and many online tools are available for free as well. I personally link Xenu”s Link Sleuth.

How to filter outgoing links from Xenu’s

Scan website from Xenu > Export comma separated file > Open it on Excel > Use Excel Filters to find 404 status code. You can also use scramming frog SEO spider to save your time and effort.  Once you got broken links you have to find similar content of broken links that you can replace in your post but unfortunately there is no automated way to find similar content of broken links (at-least I don’t know, if you have some Please do comment below). You have to check link on find suitable query of similar content use Google to find similar authority content.

How to deal if website nature changed:

You link a site that closed its business or sold its website. All links either broke down or some crap hat SEO purchase the website. Link suddenly became totally irrelevant due to redirection or became a part of link casino online network.

Some cases are easily locatable but others are hell to find especially when there are too many of them. I use Update scanner a firefox add-on to track website changes. There are other tools available as well but I personally like it because it automatically scans the page changes. It’s not a high level tool but still fulfill our needs.

How to use update scanner?

Right click on update scanner located on status bar. Click on scan page for update and choose auto scan every week, or month. This will alert and highlight changes if page changed from your last visit.

Link to copied content:

Always check plagiarism before linking out and use update scanner to monitor it. I use copyscape to check plagiarism and assure it with coping random text from the page and past into Google search.

Site became penalized:

Site can be penalized due to several reasons. You can’t do anything. Finding this issue is not a piece of cake you have to do a complete audit ( move to Search Engine Penalties section) even you don’t own a site or find nothing out of it. To avoid this scenario, try to linking out only on authority sites instead of random blogs.

If I missed something or you have better tools to execute these tasks just jumped to comment section I love to hear from you.


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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.