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How to Create Engaging Content for Ecommerce Website

We know that Google loves content and content is king but when it comes to ecommerce site or online store it became headache to drive ideas for content. You have to follow the simple rule of UOI. Content should be Unique, Original and Interesting.

Here is how you can generate interesting content for your site.

Content on Blogs:

Every website should have a blog even ecommerce site. Every time someone approached me for SEO I recommend to add a blog on website because it will open room for new content.  It will provide the ease of producing new content that can be used to drive new customer or educate old ones.

Content on blogs is very much depends on niche of a website.  You can use simple ideas to produce interesting contents.

  • How to tips.
  • Reviews.
  • Interviews.
  • Top List.
  • Facts

Content on Product Pages:

Product pages are most important pages for every ecommerce site but unfortunately these pages are too boring to get some backlinks. You have to make product pages informative, unique and interesting enough to get some sort of backlinks naturally.  We all know Panda is became the part of Google algorithm so original content is the key to success. There are many ways to do this even you sale some products on other websites as well. You have standout all of them thus it more drives search traffic and increase conversation rate.

I take a random example of handmade shoes. In a given screen you can see they single manufacturer image, standard description, price and product name in title. They only use manufacturer data this is the biggest drawback of this page. It does not add value to end user so why people link to it?Eco site template 1

This type of page only got a link back if there price is cheaper than others, or website is only provider (not possible in many cases).

Now we have to make this page little bit interesting. Have a look. Although we doesn’t have much value in it but it’s still worthwhile to do it because it make page more appealing and gain some competitive site template2

  1. Title: Make a creative title, stuff product name/keyword in title but creatively. Remember you have to write title for user not for search engines. While creating title you have made it short.
  2. Images: Multimedia content drastically improve conversation rate it also drive some traffic from image or video search engines. You have to add multiple images of your product this along with the standard manufacturer image. You can take your own images which not only drive traffic but will drive links as well. When someone uses your image they will naturally credit back to your site.
  3. Description: this is the taught part; you have to add as much value in it as you can.  Content should be compelling, interesting, unique online casino and fun to read (depends on industry). This could be tricky but can be easy if this is written by whom which are passionate about your product. If you are selling single product variation you can hire multiple people to write for those products this will help to make content unique.
  4. This can be anything (depends on industry) ranging from product stats to product comparison. Actually this section can add value in product page to earn a link.
  5. User Generated Content: In ecommerce sites this can be comments, rating, reviews, like or dislike, some sort of question. Actually this can be varying industry to industry and it can solely provide much value to earn link if used creatively.

I hope these tips will be helpful if you have other tips do let me know in comments

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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.