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List of 11 In-depth Articles on Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchKeyword research is one of the important & must have activity in the Search Engine Marketing. If you will not rank for important keywords you will not move to anywhere. You have to brainstorm and think about your targeted customer how s/he will search in search engines which keywords s/he uses related to your business. You have to do some detective work along with brainstorming so that you can have some avoidance of how your product and services has been searched. With the help of keyword research you can easily predict the market demand and its competition. There are many great resources available to do keyword research, I read many of them and filter out most detailed and helpful articles for you.


About the Author

Chelsea Adams is a content writer at Bruce Clay, Inc and love to write about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and inbound marketing. She also co-wrote a content marketing book with Bruce Clay.

Mike KingAbout the Author

Michael King famous as Mike King or iPullRank is a SEO engineer. He works mobile casino for iAcquire a (leading SEO firm) as a Director of inbound marketing.  He also wrote various articles on leading SEO blogs.

Jayson DemersAbout the Author

Jayson DeMers is Personality of a horoscopes scorpio is most often remarkable. a SEO expert and founder of AudienceBloom content & social media marketing agency.

hoa-congAbout the Author

Hoa Cong is a SEO consultant at SEERinteractive and has ~3 years of experience in SEO. He love online slots to write about SEO, inbound marketing tips.

Scott CowleyAbout the Author

Scott Cowley has more than 4 years of experience in SEO & search marketing industry. He works as a Graduate Assistant (Marketing) at Arizona State University.

Michelle LoweryAbout the Author

Michelle Lowery is a passionate writer you can say her content nerd. She is famous for his in-depth writings.

Ross HudgensAbout the Author

If you are in SEO industry you probably read some amazing articles and pieces of advice from Ross Hudgens. He runs his own digital marketing agency and works for various clients.

Eric SiuAbout the Author

Eric Siu worked with many startups and non-profits organizations. He is currently working as a chief operating officar in digital marketing agency.

Jon QuintonAbout the Author

Jon Quinton work as a SEO consultant in leading seo company SEOgadget. He is famous for his technical SEO and content planning.

John DohertyAbout the Author

You probably know about John Doherty! He is well known guy in Digital marketing agency. Also work for distilled & Destinee Media.

Nathan GotchAbout the Author

Nathan Gotch is in SEO industry since 3 years, works for various companies and specialized niche sites.

About the Author

You have already read some awesome articles from Brian Dean. He is entrepreneur & SEO expert.

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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.