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List of 10 Credible Articles on Google Disavow Tool

img1After Google penguin updates, bad backlinks became one of the major issue in SEO. We have to clean up the previous mess to sustain a Search Ranking but removing backlinks are not a piece of cake. So Google introduce disavow tool which help both webmasters and Google to fight against spam.  Understanding the concept of disavow tool is not much difficult but there exists some confusion that need to be answered, therefore I prepared a curated list of articles from the authority SEO blog & authors which will help to understand the concept of how to deal with this two sided sward (disavow tool).

About the Author:DrMeyers

Dr. Peter J. Meyers famous as a Dr-Pete works as a Marketing Scientist in a For more info about Dr. Pete visit his personal blog or Moz profile.

About the Author:Chuck price

Chuck Price Founder & President of Measurable SEO and has a long experience in SEO industry. He works in key position for various SEO firms i-e Internet Marketing Ninjas.

About the Author:Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds a leading SEO expert famous for his blunt thoughts about SEO and presentation skills. He is a founder of SEER Interactive and speaks on various SEO conferences.

About the Author:

Matt Cutts is a head of Web-spam team at Google. He works with the Search Quality team at Google and discusses on search engine optimization issues.

About the casino online Author:Jayson Demers

Jayson DeMers is emerging SEO expert and founder of AudienceBloom. He also writes for Search Engine journal leading SEO blog.

About the Author:Luke_Summerfield

Luke Summerfield is a Director of Inbound Marketing at & head instructor at He has been in SEO industry since 2010.

About the Author:Oliver-Ewbank

Oliver Ewbank is working as a Search Specialist at and work for various big brands like ebay & He also won SEO award & featured on various publications.

About the Author:                                                                               corey

Corey Eridon is not a SEO expert but actually a Senior Blog Editor at HubSpot but She wrote a good piece of article on disavow tool that I think worthwhile to share.

About the Author:virginia-nussey

Virginia Nussey is a Social Media Editor & Media Journalist at a Bruce Clay, Inc.

Garaham CharltonAbout the Author:

Graham Charlton is working as an Editor in Chief of Econsultancy blog (Leading Internet marketing blog). He is an onsite SEO expert and write on various topic ranging from CRO to mobile SEO.

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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.