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List of 11 Actionable Posts on How to Get [Not Provided] Keyword Data

Back in 2011 when Google start uurlsing personalized search for their signed in searchers and make user data more secure with SSL Google Analytics starts showing keyword [not provided] result.

You can checkout Google wording on not provided Data here.

In a starting days it’s under double digit numbers but these figures grow rapidly study conducting in late 2012 shows that 39% Of Google Search Referrers Now “Not Provided”.There is a theory that these numbers will grow with time and analyzing data became more difficult.  Here is a recent SearchEngineLand story on it.

These seems annoying for Google Analytics user and make their work more difficult SEOs and Analyst can no longer be in position to tell is there marketing effort is working or not. These numbers will grow rapidly but as [Not Provided] numbers will increase, Analysts starts digging the way to find meaningful hypotheses of growing numbers of [Not Provided] search terms. You can find actionable tips all over the internet but many of them totally rubbish and meaningless so I curate a list of trustable and actionable posts that make Analysts work little bit easier. Every post has its own way to prepare hypostases about [Not Provided] terms.

About the Author:avinash3

Avinash Kaushik is the author of analytics books “Web Analytics an hour a day” & “Web Analytics 2.0”. He also writes for his

leading analytics blog Occam’s Razors.

About the Author

Cyrus Shepard work in SEOmoz as an in-house SEO till 2011 and now work in PlaceFull as the chief marketer. He is a SEOmoz blog contributor and also writes on his famous blog Above the Fold.

About The Author

Russ Henneberry is a content management and business blog specialist work as content manager on “The Daily Egg”.

About The AuthorBarry-Adams

Barry Adams work in Pierce Communications as a Digital Services Director. He is an editor of word famous SEO blog

About The Author

Ben Goodsell is a Senior SEO Technician Rimm-Kaufman Group & AudetteMedia. He is a Technical SEO expert, content specialist and Social media casino online expert.

About the Author

Claire Broadley work as a Technical SEO auditor & technical writer at Red Robot Media Ltd.

About the Author

Carrie Hill is Online Marketing Director of KeyRelevance, LLC  & webmaster at She also wrote articles on Search engine land.

About the Author

AJ Kohn has 15 years of marketing experience he specialized in SEO & PPC. His work is often recommended by SEO authorities.

About the Author

Rob Ousbey is working as a VP Operations in distilled. He specialized in brand reputation management.

About the Authoremma-photo

Emma North professional Digital marketer works in an emerging SEO company Koozai as SEO and PPC specialist.

About the Author

Dan Barker is an E-Business Consultant and a guest blogger on Econsultancy.

Updated 5/27/2013

About the Author 471967_1358993763

Tim Resnik is a marketing strategist. He assist different companies to market their new products and services.

I hope these resources will be helpful for you but if you want to add another great post with credible author just comment below I will love to share this to my audience.

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