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Make Your Content Marketing Future Proof


Content marketing is a marketing plan which uses content creation and sharing system to acquire new customers. This consists but not limited to news, research and white papers, ebooks, videos Q/As. Now instead of cold calling or email blasts marketer prefer to gain new customers with brand loyalty that has been created by rich content.  Upcoming changes in online marketing and social media evolution force us towards content marketing instead of moving towards crap hat technics to gain most prominent place in online world. Human prefer brands instead of random stuff from random guy so we have to be a brand in a long-run.

Access of anything can be dangerous so what would be the biggest threat of content marketing? Everyone now moving towards content marketing and biggest threat of content marketing is coming from content marketing itself. Sounds irritating? No its not. Just take the simple example

8/10 companies will produce more content than last year and may produce even more year after year. Is this creating problem? Yes it is because of gap in skill of content marketing and content creation.

  • B2B companies will build their own content department which does nothing then scrapping or creating crap content on every niche.
  • SEO companies are now branding themselves as content marketing agencies.
  • Copywriting agencies became content farms.
  • Content distributers, publishers are now using the name of content marketing experts.

Problem is not in content marketing, problem is in working style that you adopt. When everyone starting to produce content i.e. marketing guy start producing content in health issues. Is this interesting? This will cause the biggest threat. When we are getting more and more content from various sources with inexperienced content creators we will end in crap content.

This will not only target us but target those which we are marketing for and eventually they raise their bar again. Crap content looks similar with authority content with the help of proper presentation and you won’t judge it until you eat that crap.  If this trend continues, content marketing will not be effective and we receive

  • Less traffic
  • Fewer page views
  • Fewer leads
  • Less revenue

This will hurt hard but not those who will stay away from crap content marketing and does real company stuff.  Their efforts go against market trends they will receive Higher traffic and more leads. If you want to be safe in future start thinking about it and stop producing crap content. Work on what your community likes; give them what they want, share what the love.

What you can do?

Simple answer is to do content marketing for branding and build a content brand. Brand comes with the promises that remained fulfill for along.  Your content follows the simple rule.

“A content brand is famous for producing intelligent, useful, and entertaining content that people will always like to read or share”.

  • Famous: Became a giant of industry at-least for micro niche
  • Intelligent: Don’t be over simplified produce content that are never produced before.
  • Useful: Try to be useful and interactive in your content.
  • Entertaining: Entertaining does not mean laughs its mean keeping your attitude and energy.
  • Always: This became dangerous but high risk factor increase the ROI rate. It mean don’t be fail to producing good content even once.
  • Like to Read: If your piece of content won’t reach to the mark it still worth the time of reader to read.    

How to be the content Brand?

To be a content brand follow the 6 simple rules that will lead your way to success.

  1. Be the Buyer: Think critically, interview customers and try to grasp an idea what they want.
  2. Be Authoritative: Write on things which you know about it and always come up the unique view point.
  3. Be strategic: Always follow the plans so that when you produce new stuff you will contradict with old one.
  4. Be Prolific: content marketing is a long-term strategy so play as a marathon not like sprint.
  5. Be Passionate: Always produce what you love, if you don’t like why other do?
  6. Be Tough: Don’t be lazy always produce which need harder effort than previous one.

Once you became Content brand you will never face any trouble in getting return on content because people like what you produce they share it with other and this goes on.

How to analyze your way?

Building a content brand is hard so don’t make yourself fool. You can’t judge your strategy until answer a simple question in front of mirror. “Am I building a content brand or a content efficient machine?” Don’t forget to look at your face it will answer your strategy and won’t lie to you.

Just start thinking right knows or be ready to buried in upcoming changes.

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Asif Dilshad

Asif Dilshad is an Inbound Marketing/SEO Professional and working as an Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is responsible to increase visibility of sites on internet. He is in Inbound Marketing industry since 4 years and work on various projects ranging from eCommerce to B2B business.

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